Main Topics

The event entitled “Discovering Open Science and Open Opportunities” is addressed to academic researchers, staff and students, on the opportunities of Open Access, Open Science and Open Data.


Learning Module Learning Objectives
Data expedition for journalists (hands-on)
  • How to get stories from data
  • Exploring and understanding data
  • Demonstrate data visualisation techniques (e.g. Google fusion tables)
  • Data analysis (e.g. Using Basic R)
Health Open Data (hands-on)
  • Raw Clinical Data
  • Open Clinical Data and Ethical Issues
  • Cleaning data with Refine for Clinical Data
  • Open Research in the European agenda/Horizon 2020
  • Open research Data pilots
  • Tools and data examples for open research data pilots
Open Education
  • Open Educational Repositories
  • Open tools for open educational resources
  • Open access to publications: policy, current trends and practice
  • Tools for MOOCs
  • Open MOOCs
Getting started in the School of Data (hands-on)

Attendants will be trained on:

  • How to find data
  • Using Google, Open Data Portals and Worldbank to find Open Data
  • Cleaning Data (e.g. Open Refine)
  • Open Data Analytics
  • Visual Analytics
  • Doing Business with open applications and open data
  • Mobile apps and openness
  • Open entrepreneurship
School of Data Advanced Steps (hands-on)
  • Mapping open data to ontologies and publish in triple stores
  • How to export and publish Linked Open Data (Linking datasets using e.g. SILK)
  • Researchers’ first LOD tools (RDF stores Virtuoso(LD), Refine, R statistics, CKAN for data portals)Coding with open data apis
  • Geocoding
  • Open apps
Licensing issues with Open Data
  • Open access to publications policy and methods
  • Opening and exploiting open data
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright issues, Creative Commons licensing