OpenCube Workshop on Linked Statistics
A major part of this Open Data concerns statistics such as population figures, economic and social indicators. Statistical data is often organised in a multidimensional manner where a measured fact is described based on a number of dimensions, e.g. unemployment rate could be described based on geographic area, time and gender. In this case, statistical data is compared to a data cube. Linked Data has been introduced as a promising paradigm for opening up data because it facilitates the integration of datasets across the Web. In the case of cubes, Linked Data has the potential to realise the vision of performing data analytics on top of integrated but previously isolated cubes across the Web. A fundamental step towards this vision is the RDF data cube (QB) vocabulary, which enables modelling cubes as RDF graphs.
The OpenCube project runs from November 2013 until October 2015 and is receiving funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 611667 ( The results of the project include both open-source and commercial tools that enable creating and exploiting statistical data that are modeled based on the QB vocabulary.  An important benefit of the OpenCube tools when compared to more traditional approaches is discovery and integration of compatible to merge statistical datasets at a Web scale and thus exploitation of combined statistical data in data analytics
The OpenCube tools are based on two popular linked data management platforms: Swirrl’s PublishMyData ( and fluidOps’ InformationWorkbench ( 
The aim of the workshop is to present the OpenCube tools for exploiting linked open statistical data. The workshop will start with a short introduction on the OpenCube toolkit and its benefits (
After that, the participants will be guided to a hands-on tour using and evaluating some of the OpenCube tools. These include tools for visualising statistical data and for identifying and merging data residing in different Web locations. Thus, for you to fully benefit from the Workshop, you have to bring your own laptop.