Andreas Panagopoulos

Andreas Panagopoulos is an active journalist for 25 years. His experience spans all the kinds of journalism (print, radio, TV and web) and mostly in broadcast journalism from the beginning of his career covering all kinds of stories. He is News Director (2009-today) at Antenna TV, leader station in Greece, and the news site (2013-today). He is candidate PhD student in Journalism at A.U.TH. He holds a master’s degree in Journalism and Communication. He graduated with excellence and was rewarded as the best student of the year. He has a bachelor in Business Administration of A.U.E.B. His studies and papers are published in international conferences and journals. He received the award for excellence in Journalism by the President of the Hellenic Republic from the Botsis Foundation (2014). He was granted the gold award for integrated reporting for the news site in the Digital Media Awards (2014). He is married with two sons