The event will be implemented in a 2-day training event in 17-18 June 2015  in Thessaloniki, Greece. The training venue will be the KEDEA Conference Centre (Aristotle University’s Research Dissemination Center) in the form of face-to-face training with live streaming. The training event includes General modules addressed to researchers of all disciplines and sciences, as well as, modules addressed mainly to specific domains: Health and Journalism. 


The project "FACILITATE OPEN SCIENCE TRAINING FOR EUROPEAN RESEARCH - FOSTER" is a two year project aiming to set in place sustainable mechanisms for EU researchers to FOSTER OPEN SCIENCE in their daily workflow, thus supporting researchers optimizing their research visibility and impact, the adoption of EU open access policies in line with the EU objectives on Responsible Research & Innovation. Open Access and Open Science principles are an essential part of knowledge creation and sharing. They directly support the researchers need for greater impact, optimum dissemination of research, while also enabling the engagement of citizen scientists and society at large on societal challenges.
FOSTER provides financial support for different types of training events and strategies, ranging from short (one or two-hour) workshops to multiple day workshops, from face-to-face training to e-learning sessions. FOSTER also provides assistance in shaping the training programme, selecting training materials and recommending speakers/trainers.
Other training events supported by FOSTER can be found here: https://www.fosteropenscience.eu/events